Kate Power, Caller
Parties, Weddings & Special Events

Dancing as a group is an activity that will enhance any special event where people are coming together, perhaps of differing ages and backgrounds, some meeting for the first time.  For centuries, social dancing accompanied by live musicians has been used successfully to encourage people to get to their feet and enjoy each other’s company.  Whether the event is a formal wedding reception or a barn dance to celebrate a 50th birthday, bringing your guests together to dance as a group will ensure a joy-filled, foot-stomping good time.

As a caller with years of experience leading intergenerational dance groups, I can provide a program of simple, fun dances including circles, contras and squares – dances we have been enjoying for centuries.  No partner is needed, as dancers will be encouraged to switch frequently.  Simple, brief walk-throughs will be given and all dances prompted.

The music is what raises the experience to the greatest heights, provided by talented fiddlers, guitarists and banjo players.  From old time string bands, to driving Celtic rhythms, I work with several versatile Central Ohio bands who will tailor their selections to match your party’s theme. . . .whether your vision is a hay-filled barn dance, or a New England-style contra dance.

“I’m going to remember this night for the rest of my life!”
Anonymous groom at the conclusion of his contra dance wedding reception in Columbus
“Kate, you could teach ANYBODY to dance!”
A bride watching her parents and new in-laws joyfully execute “Ones arch, twos dive through!”