Kate Power, Caller
The Story

My story begins long ago, early one September morning, when I entered the world FEET FIRST!  My future as a dancer was set. Growing up in Princeton and Syracuse, my younger sister, Barbara, and I choreographed our own dances to the tunes in our parents’ record collection, our costumes inspired by the contents of our underwear drawer.

Since attending my first contra dance in 1997 at Big Scioty in Columbus, dance has become the center of my life.  As a contra dance organizer and caller, I enjoy bringing together people of all ages on the dance floor.  While attending Earlham College in the 1970’s, I passed up the chance to try contra dancing.  This has fueled my mission to attract teenagers and college students to our Central Ohio dances.  They bring an energy, stamina and enthusiasm into our dances that is unmatched.  In order for contra dancing to continue to thrive in the future, we are delighted to welcome young people to our dances.